Hackberry is a 5 piece instrumental band from the Dutch city of Groningen, brought to life in 2015. They play a mix of progressive rock, stoner, metal, grunge and psychedelica and are known for their odd time signatures, change of tempo and dynamics. After releasing their first EP “Desert Orchid” late 2016, they released their self-titled debut album “Hackberry” in September 2018. In 2023 they’ll be back with a new album called “Breathing Space” released under Construction Records, an album that explores four tracks where each one tells a different story.


“In the world of challenging time signatures and rhythms, catchy feats and voiceless passion, Hackberry shines with ‘Breathing Space’. This is top notch progressive rock / metal.”

White Room Reviews

“The Dutch quintet impresses with adventurous soundscapes, smooth interplay and strong playing technique. A varied and atmospheric album full of heavy prog.”


Hackberry sounds like a kind of soundtrack for an epos that still has to be written, but that has long been in the minds of each of the five members 


Hackberry manages to create an extremely varied, instrumental guitar rock album.”

Empire Music Magazine

“The five gentlemen show that they can play their instruments excellently.”


Hackberry’s “Breathing Space” is a great record, which is technically well put together and contains fine progressive rock and I advise fans of this music and the better rock to listen to this disc.

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